Raining in Chennai!

Lot of things to write about. Its raining today in Chennai. Its so beautiful outside. With the sound of thunders echoing, rain is falling silently on the glass window of my cube. Just went for lunch and had a walk in the rain. Almost felt like Gene Kelly in 'Singin' in the rain'. Wanted to belt out a song and run around. I was in a good mood but had to get back to the seat and watch the rain falling on the glass pane for some more time.

Yesterday went to Chepauk for a company sponsered cricket match. And one word to describe the stadium is awesome. Never thought the stadium will be so well maintained and be able to watch the players so closely (even from the far end of the stands). Decided to definitely go watch the next ODI or test. Enjoyed the drizzle in the afternoon and the exciting matches.

Watched 'SindhuBhairavi' in the weekend. I have never seen this movie in full till date and this is the first time. And what a movie it is!. I cannot think of anyone else fitting the roles of Suhasini or Sivakumar. And ofcourse, probably the best music score of Ilayaraja (i.e if you exclude Punnagai Mannan, Moga Mull and coutless others) and especially the Bharatiyar songs. Timeless classic!.

I am reading a lot about the end of Paganism a.k.a Hellenism in the 4th century due to the rise of Christianity. Gibbon has a chapter for it in his 'Decline and fall of the Roman Empire'. It is interesting to draw parallels and think about it. Will write more once I reach a stage when it needs to be written.

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