Moral polices and Mann Vasanai

All Tamil nadu is currently going through the moral policing(literally!) wave. There is the episode in the Park hotel and then came the dress code followed immediately by the Kushboo episode. It just goes to show that we, as a race, are a hypocritical lot and the morality hype is just to just convince ourselves that we are superior to other cultures/races. Now, I do not have the comment on the party in the Park hotel or what Kushboo said. I consider that a free speech issue and if a group of guys want to rub bodies with the girls in a private space, thats nobody's business. I dont think the police commissioner ever visited the Marina beach in the evenings (sometimes in the middle of the day) or Eliot's beach for that matter. What is he going to do when he does?. Shut down the beaches of Chennai?. These are public spaces which are made into staging ground by the so-called lovers from the schools and colleges of Chennai. On the other end of the spectrum, talk to these liberal feminists (do you hear Ms. Kanimozhi, Vanathi Thirunavukarasu, Arulmozhi et al?) about removing the censor board and see the reaction?. I think it will be fun. The common argument against a dress code is if the student of 18 years can be asked to vote, why cant he wear the dress he wants?. I ask the same question. Why do you need a censor board if a 18 year old can handle sex and violence maturely?. Thinking of it, except me, the whole bunch of Tamilnadu are hypocrites. No point arguing this anyway.

Anyway, watched 'mann vasanai' last weekend. Probably the best of Bharathiraja's movies. It also reminds one of the simple life and common values we have lost in the crowds of chennai (Kanthimathi on seeing Pandian coming home with a punjabi girl "Entha kaatu sirukkida ava?"). The sports, kootanchoru, ayyannar vazhipadu, I don't know whether Sibi will even read about it in his days. If you look at the movies of Cheran ('Pandavar boomi'. 'Autograph') or Thankarpachan ('Azhagi'), we can notice that the director is trying to record something that has lost its place in the hustle and bustle of our lives. These guys miss that life as much as their protoganists do in these movies.

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