Narnia and Pride & Prejudice

Last week, went to see two movies in Sathyam. 'The chronicles of Narnia' and 'Pride & Prejudice'. Narnia was kind of a let-down. Actually it was good but was not great. Story telling was the best part of it but the story is kind of a fantasy in a fantasy and that was not digestable (at least to  me!). Sibi liked the lion (but likes Alex the lion in Madagascar far better!!). Somehow he is captivated by lion. Maybe it is just a passing phase or may be he is intrigued by the animal. But the thing is he does not like the lion in 'The lion king'. So it must be either Chris Rock (who voices the lion in Madagascar) or some 'lions' that make him like them. Anyway, its a confusing thing if I try to understand his likings.


'Pride & Prejudice' with Keira Knightley was much better than I expected. Darcy could've been better but the Bennet's were actually depicted well. Its amazing that I am watching versions and versions of this same story and it never bores me down (or my wife either). If there is a family novel (like the songs in Tamil movies!), 'P&P' will win hands down in our family at least. As much as I like Lizzie, J likes Darcy. This movie version is a must watch, if you've read the novel a hundred times or have a hardback and 4 or 5 paperbacks of the same novel or watched the BBC version (which runs 6 hours!) tens of times. We qualify on all the essentials and it was a terrific experience to watch it on screen.

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