How Kaavya got caught, internalized apologies and learnt a lesson..

It is amusing to watch Kaavya Viswanathan's trials and tribulations in Indian and Western media. I say amusing not because I am happy about her fall but actually amused to read her attempt at different kinds of apologies and the indecisiveness she portrays to do the 'right' thing. I am not going to tell that she should be trashed for copying passages but at least a honest and straight forward apology would have at least made her look honest. For someone who feigns interest in the likes of Bronte and Ishiguro(now I have my doubts about that!), it may be hard to admit that she copied stuff from chick-lit. Lack of integrity is what is bothering about all this mess thats going on but as someone said Kaavya will learn an important lesson through this, that any publicity helps in selling books and so I dont think she will be too bothered about it.

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