Sibi - Update

One of the things that I am constantly fascinated by is the way Sibi learns things. He has started reading and is showing signs of becoming a voracious reader. But what interests me more the way he is reading. It all started with the teaching of words in his school and he was looking for 2-letter and 3-letter words everywhere. Then he gradually changed this and started reading and asking about things he know. Like, phone or toys of truck etc. Then he moved on to construct words with words he knows. Like, he knows the words 'car' & 'pen' and he reads a bigger word like 'Carpenter' using these words. Now, I suspect he understand the phonics of the letters and is reading them with the sound. Like, he read 'Hamam' a couple of days back although there are no known words built in it. I think once he understands the phonics of the letters there is nothing that stops him from reading anything. Knowing the meaning and understanding the context are going to be the next big thing. But then, he just started learning.

Anyway, planning to go to the big and better Chennai book fair this weekend and grab a few books. Let me see.

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