Kone falls

Last weekend we drove to the Kone falls. Kone falls is in AP near Puttur.
The trip started after I read a couple of entries in the BSmotoring site. The falls is in a place called Kailashkona in SH-51. Though the site gave some outline of the directions, I found an entry in Google Earth and was able to deduce the directions to a certain extent. And the clarity of GE pictures means I could pinpoint a few landmarks as well.
We (me, J, Sibi, Vananthy and my father) started at about 9AM in the morning towards Koyembedu and continued on the JN road till the Red Hills flyover. Taking the left of the flyover, the road becomes NH 5. The road is 4 laned with median and very good to drive on. After about 30 Kms, the L&T toll plaza comes. Once you pass the plaza, take a left and you are on SH-51.

GE calls this road NH205 but I couldn't find any marker with that sign on. There are a host of villages coming in the TN side of this road with both livestock and people crossing at regular intervals. After uthukkottai, you enter AP. Once crossed over, the villages becomes lesser and road wider and with paddy fields on both sides, its a pleasure to drive on.
We stopped a couple of times to show Sibi the paddy crop and how it grows etc. We drove on SH-51 and the first doubt that we lost our way came when we entered Puttur. When enquired found that we overshoot Kone by about 7-8 Kms. We drove back 8 Kms and the sign clearly said Kailashkona.

The last couple of Kms was a single lane road approaching the falls itself. Once you reach the parking and climbing about 50 steps, the falls come into view. Its not so much a falls when compared to courtallum and all. But the water falls from high above and is pleasant to take bath as the falls sees fewer visitors. We had a long bath and after chasing away the monkeys, drove back 2-3 Kms to find a big enough tree to put the sheets in for Lunch.

After a good lunch, drove back the same way and reached home by 5PM. The trip is good in the sense the drive is not taxing and you have fun in the falls and return back by evening to spend some time at home as well.

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