Goa 2012 by Sibi Pranav

(After the trip, I asked the kids to write their versions of what they did in the 6 days of vacation. This is by Sibi. Sibi drew the maps by himself and I replaced with Google maps and added the pictures) 

On 21st August morning, we went to Chennai Central to catch our train West coast express. Our first journey went like this.

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Then the next morning, at 4AM, we have to go to another station in Mangalore. We reached there by 4.45AM. The train Trivandrum - H. Nizamudin Rajdhani express is at 5.50AM but it came at 5.15. We ran to our coach B3, but we went to B4 to our surprise. We ran back to our coach.
In front of Rajdhani

Reading time in the train
  When it dawned, they gave breakfast. My father ate bread, cutlet and fries. Myself and my mother ate bread omelet and drank lime juice. Our second journey went like this.

In the back, the Bom De Jesus Church
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We reached Madgaon. We went to our hotel Lemontree from there. We went to the beach in the backside of our hotel. There I collected shells. My father became friends with the Chef from Tamilnadu. That night I learned to play billiards.

Is it real?
Next day we went to a church. There is nothing in the church as the door was closed but there are many samadhi's outside the church. Then we went to another church. There we saw the real body of St.Francis Xavier. And we went to another church opposite to this one. There I saw the statue of Louis Vasco De Cameos, a Portuguese poet.

Miramar Beach
Then we went to Dona Paula. We visited many shops there and I bought a ring signed with Nike on it. My mother bought a necklace made out of shells. We went to a beach and I kept watch to the chappals there. Then we went to a cruise ship. It sailed for an hour around an island and we went to our hotel. We ate our dinner and we hit the bed immediately.
Dona Paula - Shopping with sister
Fort Aguda

Next day, we went to Aguda Fort, a 341 year old fort and we went to two other beaches. We had our lunch at Dominos pizza. We ate spicy chicken pizza, stuffed garlic bread and a bottle of coca-cola. We went to another beach and the back to the hotel.

Snooker with Mom

It was my mummy-daddy's anniversary. The chef sent us a cake to cut and a bouquet. And we had a grand dinner. (The dinner menu is listed here..)

Fun at the pool

Next day at 8AM we went to the swimming pool and stayed there till 9. I ate my breakfast and watched 'Toy story' movie. We had our lunch and went to the Vasco-da-gama railway station. Our train was a Vasco - Bangalore link express. We boarded our connection to Chennai at Bangalore (our coach is C2). And out journey ended.

View Larger Map Total distance traveled - 3592KM

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