Sun and Moon

When I was a school-going kid, I used to go to the terrace and stare at the sun. I still remember the bright yellowish ball with flares in the edges. It was a fantastic sight. I remember thinking a lot of silly thoughts while doing that. About how we can fly towards the sun without hurting oneself, or what it would be like to be in sun. I even remember doing a diary entry while watching the sun. Today, when I was coming to office, I noticed sun again. Bright, far and with a fantastic yellowish glow, it has not lost the beauty to my eyes yet.

For the past week, Sibi was not well. He was down with cold and fever. Is there a way to treat cold completely?. I am so sick of it and its hard to see my son suffering from the same. Anyway, he is OK now.

Yesterday, had a team dinner in the rooftop restaurant in the new Residency towers. The food was just OK. But the view of the city it offered was breathtaking. That along with a 'pirai nila' and the soothing flow of water was all that is needed to make it memorable. Beautiful place to go for dinner (if you are not particular about the food!).

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