Updates and an anniversary

After a discussion with my father, I have a few corrections to the previous entry and a few updates. The first 'P' in 'PPKT' is PathaMuthu Aiyanar who is our 'kula deivam'. The next 'P' is Ponnappa nadar, not Ponnaiah Nadar. Now, there is no straight evidence that Ponnappa nadar was the one who moved from the 'karisal' lands to the 'tharisal' lands of Sivakasi. Also it looks like the houses in Sivakasi (one for my grand father and one for PPKR) are purchased by our great-grandma Avudai ammal with her savings from selling milk everyday.

Yesterday was our marriage anniversary. I took the day off. It started off with sending Sibi to school. As a sidenote, Sibi actually loves to go to school now-a-days and likes his 'miss' Srimathi and his new friends Aswin and Vishal. He also likes to play around and tell us tales about his exploits in school. Its amazing to watch him talk non-stop. Then me and Jeysri went out for shopping. After buying clothes and other stuff, we brought Sibi back to home. Had lunch and a little nap. We had guests in between and my brother took the afternoon off to be with us. In the evening, went to Parthasarathy temple. Here is the conversation between me and Sibi (translated from tamil).

Me: Sibi, did you see this God?. He is Aranganathar, see he is sleeping..
Sibi: Sleeping? (thinks a bit) but why the lights are on?.
Me: errr..just so..see he is 'saami'
Sibi: will he get up at 6'o clock?
Me: probably..
Sibi: ok..(looking at Arangan) Good night..

Sometimes, his questions are so unexpected, it bowls me over!.

After a good dinner at Amaravathy, returned home. And as usual, Ambals has sent the wishes already!. Happy anniversary to you too man!.

And a happy 'Janmastami' for all those who celebrate, otherwise enjoy the long weekend..

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