Tamil inscriptions and Updates

I came across this fantastic article about the tamil inscriptions found in Southeast Asia. The most fantastic piece seems to be the 13th century shiva temple in the Quanzhou port in China.
Read more - 'The medieval Tamil-language inscriptions in Southeast Asia and China'
' - Refers to the siva temple in Quanzhou. And finally
'The interactions of the Chola empire in the Chao Phraya delta' .

Based on the readings, I am finding that some of the inscriptions are housed in the
1. Museum Nasional in Jakarta.

2. Museum at Wat Khlong Thom, Krabi, on the west coast of peninsular Thailand.
3. Wat Mahadhatu at Nakhom Si Thammarat, south of Chaiya on the east coast of peninsular Thailand
4. Pusat Penelitian Arkeologi Nasional, Jakarta
5. Wat Naramiang temple , Takua-pa, Thailand

Sibi Update
Sibi is doing new things on a daily basis now and it is a sight to watch him start karate-ing or his fantastic dance. In fact, he loves to dance so much that we are seriously thinking of putting him in a dance class. His school days are moving with lots of daily fun and we (me and wifey) discuss about how well he is gel-ing into the school. He has made friends in school and in the apartments and plays with them and loves to tell me everything that has happened on that day when I reach home. Probably the happiest moments of our, otherwise routine, daily lives I guess.

Started reading a bunch of books and finding that I have a lot of ground to cover. Lets see. Currently reading Akilan's 'Vengaiyin Mainthan' (hating it already, but had to finish), and read a chapter in Samuel Butler's 'The way of all flesh' and a couple of chapters into Jerome.K.Jerome's hilarious 'Three men on a bummel' (which is terrific, by the way!).

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