I was listening to this song from 'Arinthum ariyamalum'. Dont you think this is a fantastic remix?. Or 'Kathal enbathu' from 'Oru kalluriyin kathai'. Both are by Yuvan sankar Raja. I think he is the one who is going to carry Ilaiyaraaja's mantle from now onwards. He has a unique way of capturing the mood in his beats and rhythms and translate it into some good music. Its really fantastic. The music is not only catchy but also captivating. May be a little early to suggest this. But definitely he is better than the other son, Karthik Raja.

Anyway, I've been meeting some old friends here and its actually good to talk about some of the fun we used to have in those days. Nothing like that.

Sibi's quarterly exams are starting next week. Nothing much but some oral recitations of rhymes and things. And following which he has a 10 days of leave. Funny to even to think of it.

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