Diwali, Sibi and Konastai

Its been a long gap since I last wrote. Anyway, belated Diwali wishes. We had a great first family diwali in India and Sibi enjoyed so much of it that he took to fire crackers very well. Anyway, it was rains, flooded roads and closed offices for most of the past 1 week. It was really good to see all that rain but it was boring to end up sitting in house all day without doing anything. And did a lot of shopping in the weekend and had a great Diwali!!

And Alliance books has republished all novels of Vaduvur Duraisamy Iyengar. I remember reading the detective Tigambara Samiyar's exploits at my grandma's house in Sivakasi long back while in school. But I never got to read a complete novel during that time and I am planning to get this set soon. It will be interesting to read the entire novel. BTW, anyone has heard of Konastai, who wrote in the 1940's?. I am searching for his novels also after reading a sample in my grandma's house long back.

Other than that, things are going as usual and Sibi is getting naughtier every day and I am not sure where to start on this. But of course, he has taken a liking to stories and everyday in the bed, instead of rhymes, we tell stories to each other till he dozes off. We had his head tonsured in Palani in the 2nd week of October and he had a musical toy which was grabbed by a monkey (he cried a river for that!). So, you should watch him explain the story of the monkey and the hat-seller. So funny and always with a reference to the 'monkey in palani'. Nothing like that. The long leave for rains, diwali and Ramzan has made him yearn for school and he wants to go to school now to avoid boredom at home!!

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