A lot of rain and a few updates..

Finally a couple of days without rain here in Chennai. It has rained heavily throughout TN this time and it was sad to see the plight of people all around. Living in suburbs submerged in water, it is not easy to see your dream home drowned in water. All the encroachments and unplanned building is taking its toll.
Went to the Guildy Children's park yesterday. Although my wife takes Sibi every now and then, this is the first time and I was surprised to see that it was maintained well. So, there is scope that people will put trash in trash cans and keep a place neat. This gives some hope for the other 99% of the city looking like a huge dumpyard. Thats a little exaggeration but close to truth.
And the Cooum and Adyar rivers are in full spate and it was wonderful to see something other than sewage running in Cooum. But I also noted that the saidapet kuppam along cooum is fully submerged now and cannot but imagine the misery of the people living there. All the things that they value, the assets, are washed away in one flash flood and kind of hard to imagine the resilience it will need to re-build the lives again and again. Sad, but reality.
Another effect of the non-stopping rains is that Sibi's school is on leave and in the months of october and november, he has had school for about 5 days. Even he is bored and is incessantly asking when the school will re-open. Keeping him entertained is in itself a tough thing these days but he takes fun in playing all by himself and that helps a little.
Anyway, Sibi is becoming a lot more playful and talks really well and asks so many questions these days, it is getting difficult to answer him. He just makes me feel so good at times but also so mad some times. Yesterday we watched 'The bourne identity' together and he loved 'Home alone' the other day. He likes dancing and it was lot of fun to put on the music and start dancing with him. He has some good/strange moves.
And ofcourse, take time to visit this site on the Big temple in Thanjavur. This has a lot of interesting links and information.
I bought a bunch of books sometime back and am still to start even one of them ('Green Dwarf' - Charlotte Bronte, 'Double' - Dostoevsky and another one by Elizabeth Gaskell). Need to start sometime soon.

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