Sibi has started in a drawing class now. I, for one, do not believe in sending kids to schools all the time since it tend to make them tired. But after watching Sibi drawing all over the apartment, we bought him lots of coloring books and a big black board. The books were done as soon as they were brought to home and he demands to draw new things on the board. So, we decided to put him in the drawing class. And he is doing pretty well there also. I think it acts like a valve to release all the energy he has within him. Its sometimes amazing to see the creativity he exhibits when playing. He sends the teletubbies to school, play catch, shouts at the students and enjoys playing with his grandpa. He listens well and asks questions. Makes interesting and surprising things with play-doh (like the tortoise mosquito roll). Its a joy just to watch him go about doing his things.

I read 'Nanjil naatu vellalar vazhkkai' by Nanjil Nadan. Its a record of the life of the vellalars in the Nanjil region. Its an amazing document on the life and culture of the vellalars. Then watched 'Kamaraj' on VCD in the weekend and I can just sigh on the difference between him and the current crop of leader we have.

One of the things I want to write for long is about the left parties in India but think that has to wait a little. I am also thinking of blogging in unicode-Tamil in the coming days.

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