Was in Parthasarathy temple last saturday. This temple is probably the one place I can spend hours without even realizing it (I mean other than Landmark and HB). I sat there thinking why I want to come again and again here and never even visited the Kabali temple in Mylai. Strange. Parthasarathy with his big moustache always fascinated me. And having read Mahabharatha three times over, I am trying to appreciate the philosophical depth of being. Remembered a short story read long back called 'Just be'.
And watched the first 3 seasons of 'Seinfeld' in DVD. Seinfeld intrigues me because all the 4 characters in the sitcom has absolutely no life and they are not even bothered about it. I mean, Kramer, like George says, has a fantasy life and the other 3 are not farther off. But beyond all that, it has lots of moments when it just makes you feel good and laugh out loved. Gotta get the other 3 seasons.
While channel-hopping in night stumbled upon a French channel called 'TV5Monde Asie' which was telecasting a French movie 'Quasimodo d'el Paris' a parody of Hugo's 'Hunchback of Notre dame'. And it was good. But the deeper question is why the hell is someone taking time to telecast a 24hour French channel in India where the entire French speaking population can be counted with two hands. Does the French expect to colonize the country and make everyone speak French(that sucks!) or is it part of a bigger conspiracy that is going on?. Fodder for thought.
I am kind of worried about the way the blog is going. There is really nothing much I write other than the mundane things in life and not sure whether to continue keeping the blog. Bought a journal and thinking of start writing the journal after a 6 year break. Need to decide.


Padmaja said...

Ayyo Muthu blog ai niruthidaadeenga! This is one of the few links I have to Cog makkal!!

Padmaja said...

Update - Coming to think of it, dont know if "keeping one of Padmaja's links to Cog" would be a huge motivation for you to continue blogging! :-) But still, pls do continue - I enjoy reading it!

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