Its been a while I posted anything. I have to start from my birthday. Got a bunch of books from J for the birthday. The bookset includes
1. 'Thernthedutha Sirukathaigai' by Sujatha - Sujatha is probably the one I have read continuously for the past 20 years. I remember reading 'En iniya iyanthira' in AnandaVikatan when it came as a serial and we used to discuss a lot in school. (Anantharaman was a great friend whom I used to discuss with but somehow lost track of him).
2. 'Hindu Dharma' by Gandhi - This is another classic. Although I have another edition of the same I bought some 10 years back, this is an extended edition with more essays by Gandhi on the subject. The 'Why am I a Hindu?' is something for everyone to read.
3. 'Other side of me' by Sidney Sheldon - This is a auto-bio and although I have'nt read any book by Sidney Sheldon or watched any movie written by him, biography is something that interests me a lot and this one happend during the depression era and has Cary Grant in it (felt like a teenage girl on hearing that!!).
4. 'Count of Monte Cristo' by Dumas - Do I need to say anything about this?. Although I already have 4 or 5 different editions of the same, this is a Bantam classics edition which I do not have and dont mind to have anyway. Is this the greatest adventure/vendetta story ever written? I still get my kicks when the count takes his revenge on each of the four villains so subtly. And Mercedes, the eternal tragic heroine who is torn between saving her husband(which she fails to do!) and on seeing her former lover turning into a demon exacting revenge. There is a scene when she meets the count for the first time and recognizes Dantes in him. Its probably a scene I've read a thousand times over. Anyway, the movie version (not the hollywood one) but the one done by Gerard Depardieu in French is brilliant although it deviates a little from the original. Sadly, its one of the DVDs I lost during my move from US back to India.
A thoughtful present by a loving wife. Thank you!

Anyway, thats that for the birthday celebrations and nothing much has happened in between. And Sibi is going to school. He is kind of sad because some of his LKG buddies have moved to new school but slowly he is making new friends. Hope he adjusts soon and have fun. Anyway, he is turning into such a sweet guy (is it something every father says?) and ofcourse, smart like his papa. He likes drawing and puts unexpectedly intricate details which can only explain the deep observation he does on anything. (Example, he drew a truck and a small rectangle thing near the front, when asked, explains that this is the step used by the driver to get into the truck, what do you say to that!). I absolutely love the 0.5-1 hour we spend together everyday.

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