Thomas & Friends

Elmo used to be the passion character for Sibi a long time. He's got a collection of tiny toys of all 'Elmo's world' characters along with a big plush of Elmo itself. But that was when he was 2-3 years old. Now his passion is the 'Thomas & friends' train engines. He's got a collection of DVDs (which play endlessly on weekends and whenever he feels like seeing it!), a conductor 8-figure train set with Thomas and the engines of James and Percy. He is already asking me for getting Gordon and Henry(two other engines). It makes him extremely happy to play with the train set and my wife tells me he plays with it for hours at home. And he tells me the stories of the engines which he watched in DVDs during bedtime. Usually I doze off while listening or he will start sleeping.
Another of his friends (who recently lost out to Thomas) is Noddy. He bugged my brother so much to get him a plush of Noddy from Delhi and promptly forgot it once he got it. Ofcourse, Teletubbies and Elmo still get remembered now and then.
As with the majority of toddler boys, his other obsession (going hand in hand with Thomas) is trucks and lorries. Not sure why he is not so interested in cars, but loves different kinds of trucks and has built a collection of die-cast trucks.
I dont know how long this latest one will last. Whatever it is, I am seeing that he loves playing with the toys and letting his imagination soar through the stories he builds up. So till the next big thing hits for him, I am going to get Gordon/Henry for him.

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