Its been a long time since I updated. Nothing other than laziness and there is not really much happening. Completed 'Ishmael' by Daniel Quinn. And in the process of reading 'The book of Navajo' by Raymond Locke. Its just a coincidence that I should be reading these books together. 'Ishmael' primarily talks about what we should be doing with the nature to 'save the world' and Navajo talks of a life style not very much known inside the 'civilized' world. Quinn postulates that unless we change our ways to live within the community of life, we may very well end our run on this planet and he does it through just 2 characters and by way of explaining 'how things came to be this way'. Amazing book.

What I am doing is to go through the books I have bought so far and identify books that I haven't read for some reason. Although I bought 'Ishmael' sometime in 1998, I have no idea why I never read it. 'Book of Navajo' was bought in a roadside gift shop somewhere in the deserts of Nevada/Arizona (probably 1999/2000) and not sure why I never read it. I still have books which I have bought but never read and am planning to at least bring down the count before buying more.

Anyways, Sibi's school life is full of excitement and daily incidents and it is fantastic to hear him narrate the stories every night before getting into sleep. Of course, at times, J is annoyed but a typical conversation goes like this.


J  - Sibi thoongitana?

me - Sibi, thoongitiya?

Sibi - Naan thoongiteanpa..


Usually, J gives up at this point and goes to sleep. The rest of my world is doing well and being happy.


Point to ponder, as a nation, why are we so filthy about our environment when we care to keep it clean inside our houses?

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