Children's day and updates

It was Children’s day last week. And celebrations were on in Sibi’s school. There was a fancy dress competition and Jeysri took the easy route of dressing Sibi as a farmer and teaching him a few lines. Being the smarty he is, Sibi caught it easily and we were there in Mylapore to see my son don his new avatar and getting on stage. It was fun to see so many people sweating it out with their kids, dressing them as Muruga, Amman, Shiva, Krishna etc. It was tough for the kids with all the make-up and wigs etc. Sibi was dressed in a simple dhoti/banian with a Kutralam towel around the neck. A cardboard axe (made by Jeysri) completes the attire. No make-ups etc. So we waited and waited and the memorable time came around 6.30PM. Sibi came to the microphone and uttered “I am a farmer. Plant more trees and help us get more rainfall. Thank you”. Actually he forgot a line in between but the fact that he was able to speak up itself is a great moment for me. We came home after that as it was cloudy and Vanathy was restless. When Sibi brought the third prize he got, the next day from school, Jeysri was in tears and I felt like an idiot for leaving so soon. But anyway, there it is the first prize Sibi got in a competition. It was a small toy, but who cares?


Vanathy is doing well and is growing fast. She is able to identify Jeysri, me and Sibi. Sibi is head over tails about her and I was wondering what is this ‘Sibling rivalry’ people are talking about. I hope they continue like this even after they grow up.


Then has been reading a lot of stuff but am not finding time to write about them. “18vathu Atchakodu”(Asoka Mitran), “Pulinagakkondrai” (P.A.Krishnan), ‘Vasanthamallika” (Vaduvur Duraisamy Iyengar, “Subramaniya Rajuvin Kathaigal”  are some of them. All are good in their own way and will deserve an entry each.

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