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Was in Bangalore last week for a business trip. Went to Bangalore Central and the Forum. The amazing thing about both the places is that how well the reality outside has been dissolved in the candy floss colors and the obscenely priced products. I came out of forum and walked a 50 meters and found a small shop where people were drinking coffees without even realizing the absurdity of all. If Kafka were alive today, he will have a field day in today's India. This is nothing to do with Bangalore (or is it Bengaluru, just to be politically correct?) but is a phenomenon across India. It may be because we are looking at a transition from being a poor country to a rich one. But while inside Forum, couldn't think of anything other than the abject poverty outside. It is a shame!

Finished reading '18vathu Atchakkodu' by Asokamitran yesterday in one sitting. Amazing novel. Set in the background of the police action in Hyderabad, it records an event you dont get to read in your history books. The climax places it probably among the greatest tamil novels written. Why cant we keep novels such as these as supplements in schools to make our kids understand that there is no one version of history?

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