Vellore - Kanchi trip - Day 2 -3

Day 2 started with a hearty breakfast in the room and checking out of the hotel. Our first stop was Vellore fort and the Jalakandeshwarar temple. After going around the temple, which was maintained very well, we drove around the fort and then left to Katpadi to vist a childhood friend of J.It was a reunion of sorts wherein J is meeting her school friend after about 12-13 years and so they had a lot to catch up on and I just did a dutiful baby sitter part going through their old albums and trying to find a way to pass time. So after much diffcult parting, we hit the road back to Kanchipuram. We missed out on vising the Virinchipuram temple as it was past noon and waiting means missing some of Kanchi's temples.
We reached Kanchi by 1PM on the 16th and checked into GRT Regency and after lunch, took a break till 4Pm. We started at 4PM with a visit to the Kailashanathar temple and it was amazing with overcast skies(again) and the temple standing majestically. It was fantastic to visit the sculptures and walk around leisurely.We moved on to Ekambareshwarer temple and another huge temple, not as well maintained as Kailashanathar, but none the less was looking great after all these years of history behind it.
Next we visited Kamatchi amman temple and the crowd was enormous and so decided to visit the Varatharaja Perumal temple.
After a 5Km drive across Kanchi, we reached the magnificent temple of Perumal and being saturday, the temple was crowded but were able to visit the staired cases of Perumal and pray to him. Couldn't help the comparison with the vainglorious temple in Sripuram.
After a heary dinner in Saravana Bhavan, we retired for the day.
Day 3
After checking out in the morning, we went to the kacchapaeswarar Temple and spent some time before going to the Kamakshi amman temple again. Again, the crowds were heavy and we decided against standing in the hot sun with the kids in the queue and decided to go to the Ulagalanthar temple. By the time we reached the temple, it was noon and the temple was closed.
After lunch in Saravana Bhavan, J went around a few saree shops and we started back to Chennai. After a breif stopover at the Rajiv memorial in Sriperumbuthur we reached Chennai by 4PM.

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