Two Doctors

Last week we went out to get some items for Sibi's fancy dress competition. While shopping in Naidu Hall, Vanathy slipped on the floor and her back head hit a wooden panel. J noticed a slight cut and a drop of blood. Though Vanathy started playing immediately and showed no bad signs, we thought it will be better to show it to a doctor and started back.

There is this lady doctor(lets call her R.V) we used to go to in Adyar and we drove to her clinic cum home in Adyar. We reached by 8PM without knowing that she sees patients till 7.30PM. So we went and knocked on door. The maid answered and said the doctor is in. Then some other guy (probably the husband) appeared. He informed that doctor is not in and we should go to the casualty dept. in Malar. J was on the verge of tears. 

We remembered the other lady doctor we go to near our place in Velachery (lets call her J). She practices in the Egmore govt. children hospital and the clinic is open till 9PM. So I drove again back to Velachery. There was a crowd and it took another hour or so to see and hear that the injury is nothing to worry about. When we consulted, it was 9.30PM and there were atleast another 4-5 people waiting. When we were around, the doc informed the attender that she will see all the patients and so asked them to wait. I think it might have been another 1-1.5 hours before she finished seeing the patients and go home.

What is the difference between the two? The adyar doctor gets 150Rs for consultation and see you in a AC cabin. The Velachery doc gets 50Rs and consults in a non-AC room. Without getting into the class variances of the docs, it set me thinking about the attitude of both. Without being judgemental, we decided to stop seeing the Adyar doc and continue with the Velachery one. 

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