Its been a while since I last updated this blog. And a quite a lot of things have happened in between.
We went through a scary night waiting on Vanthy throwing up due to food poisoning and got through it safely. It gave us a chance to visit VHS and it was quite a change from the big hospitals which just fleece you or your insurance. That in itself is quite a lot to write about.
Then Diwali and the monsoon came together to wreck the travel plans of a lot of people and we ourselves managed to catch the train by wading through water and rain and luckily, by starting early.
Diwali itself was uneventful but Sibi had a lot of fun firing crackers with his cousins and having a lot of fun. Overall, that in a nutshell is what was happening.
And I am reading through a couple of Wodehouse's, 'Then kumariyin Kathai' by A.K.Perumal, A bio of Einstein by Ronald Clark.

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