Vanathy and Friends

There are a few plushies and toys which Vanathy has on all the time and she usually sleeps with a bunch of them around her. Here is a picture

1 & 2 : - Part of the Teletubbies gang. These are bought when Sibi was a kid and since he used to watch a lot of Teletubbies, these were some of his favorites. Vanathy does not watch TV (not even to the extent Sibi watched when he was 2) but inherited the toys and tagged them as 'Anna's toys'. She knows the name of Laa-Laa but is not interested in watching them on TV.
3. This is an interesting and the most favorite of all. Vanathy calls it 'Tose' (in rhyme with Nose). This toy has a little nose which fell off when she started playing with it. My father put a lot of glue and other stuff into it and stuck the nose back. When it was nose-less, Vanathy started calling it 'Tose' (aka nose) and the name stuck. Today this is the one toy without which she wont sleep.
4. Simply called 'Bommai' just a fav one for Vanathy.
5. All that was written applies for Elmo as well. Though she knows the name as Elmo and likes playing with Elmo in the sesame street website, she dont watch it on TV.
6. This is little teddy bear which she used to be very fond of but of late, this is thrown away for Tose. 
Apart from these, Vanathy also likes to play cooking popcorn, Thomas and friends etc.

Here is a shot of Sibi as Raja Raja Cholan in his school fancy dress competition. Dress and all accesssories made courtesy of my lovely wife with a picture of Raja Raja Cholan as guidance.
Apparently school admin likes to see their kings in the usual King's attire and so no prizes won.

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