Bedtime Stories

Every day during bedtime, I have to come up with some story for the kids. But there are days when Vanathy gets into the story telling mode (and you know that, its gonna be a long night) and comes up with a gem. There is a previous post where she tells me a story of Dora, a big fish and how the fish ended up eating Dora. That was one of her stories.
Vanathy's stories usually revolve around one of her fav cartoon characters, Dora and Mickey then followed sometimes by Tom, Jerry and sometimes Timmy the sheep joins the melee. What she really likes, of course, is stories of little Krishna.
I have told her multiple stories of Krishna stealing butter from house and getting punished by his mom for that. So last week, when she offered to tell me a story of Little Krishna, I wasn't expecting a lot. But here is the story she came up with:
Little Krishna gets into the house and sees that the Butter is stored up there in the pots. So he calls out to his friends and with their help is able to bring it down and starts eating the stuff. Krishna's mother enters the house at that time.
Seeing Krishna has stolen the butter, his mother gets angry. (this where the story deviates from what I use to tell her). She comes near and advises him on why he cannot eat butter like everyone. That is, on top of a nice toasted bread(!). She goes ahead and makes one for him. Krishna puts the butter on the toast and eats it. End of story.
I let her repeat the story and sound recorded it in my mobile. Unfortunately, the memory card went crazy and I had to format the entire contents of the same.

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