Two actresses

Just finished watching 'How to steal a million'. Interesting movie with a simple premise and a cast of about 4 actors but still with a good screenplay to make you sit right through. Of course, the reason I watched is for Audrey Hepburn.
I became a fan of Audrey Hepburn when I watched 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' about 10-11 years back. I have not seen an actress with such screen presence and of course, the fantastic grace she brings to acting itself.
I still remember the nights in Kansas City when myself and Hari used to fight it out about the movie to watch. He is a geeky fellow and had nothing but contempt for the 'doe-eyed' acts of Audrey. Being a romantic sucker, I used to make him watch the movies (although he did grumble till the end).
What makes Audrey unique is not just the facial beauty with her large eyes and the hair-dos but the poise with which she walks, talks with that slight French accent, the sadness she brings when strumming the guitar with Mancini's 'Moon River' and all that and more. Be it the 'Roman Holiday' or 'My fair lady' or 'Charade' or with that rugged Bogart in 'Sabrina', I cannot imagine another actress who could've done justice to the roles.
The only other actress I do like, but on the other end of the spectrum, is the other Hepburn of the time, Katherine Hepburn. If Audrey is all poise and grace, Katherine is full of blast and energy. "Bringing up Baby!' is a favorite and ofcourse, the list is not complete without 'The Philadelphia story' or 'Adam's Rib' or again with Bogart in 'The African queen'. It is very difficult to watch the movie without appreciating the effort Cary Grant or Spencer Tracy is putting on to appear in some ways equal to the spirit of K.Hepburn.
Julia Roberts has some of the qualities of these two great actresses but she is nowhere near. It is difficult to compare but then my humble opinion is that Audrey is incomparable.

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