Weekends in February

Weekend - 1

A visit to the planetarium and the science exhibition.
There was not much of science to go around but the kids had a blast in the park and in the animals area. Here Vanathy posing with a pig.This was a rolling slide which basically rolls you off to the end. It was fun.
The pendulum swing was another hit with Sibi and Vanathy just feeding off each others force and playing for a long time. We just had to sit and watch (though we tried it ourselves later).

Weekend - 2

A visit to beach, Mylapore and Kapaleeshwarar temple.
The newly renovated beach looked much better than before and since we were near the light house area, there was relatively less crowd. Though J was anxious to get on the 'tiny wheel', she enjoyed it as much as the kids and later my mom joined the fun as well.
A visit to Kapali is something that makes everyone happy in the family for vastly different reasons. Shopping around the temple makes J happy and a ride in the MRTS makes the kids happier and for me, the temple itself is the source of happiness. May be not as much as the Parthasarathy temple, where the presence of Perumal himself is a joy but for the peace that comes with seeing Kapali.
Of course, Saturday and Sunday evenings are full of songs and dances in the temple praharam and this weekend was no exception. There was a Bharatanatyam performance by the local kids which brought a different kind of joy to the heart.
Vanathy enjoyed the performance very much and the day ended with dinner in Saravana bhavan.

Weekend - 3

The exhibition in the Island grounds.
After a long interval, I was able to see a sparrow in Chennai and didn't missed the chance to click it. This is in Royapuram. Incidentally, I was able to see one in our terrace as well.
We went to the Island grounds exhibition with Kannan and family. Mainly for the kids, the exhibition was boring and there is not much to do other than pickup some trinkets and in fact, there was not even decent food inside.
That's the ride of my choice. After holding Sibi on the horse for years, its the turn of Vanathy now and I doubt whether it is she who needs me holding her or me who doesn't like to be left out of the fun.
A view from the top of the 'giant wheel'. Napier bridge is in the background and the other rides and crowd in the front. Though it was good, it was late in the night and I was left feeling dizzy at the end of it.
Of course, the kids felt the other way. After a long day, we finished the day with a very late dinner in 'Dhaba express'.

Weekend - 4

Decided to stay back at home for the weekend..

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