Adventures of Sibi - I

As 2012 comes to a close, here is something from what Sibi wrote sometime ago. Based on the published items from Tinkle, he wrote these. These are some of the excerpts.

 Happy new year!

Adventures of Sibi

1. Lays Vs Eggs

Once my mother asked me to buy 10 eggs from Sathya stores (a nearby shop)  gave me money to buy Lays chips packet, if I want. I went to Sathya stores and there was no Lays. So I went to Maha Yogam (a nearby supermarket). And bought 2 Lays packet. I came back to home.

My mother asked me for the eggs. I gave her 2 Lays packets. She asked me again where are the eggs. I saw my hands and I was holding 40 rupees and I have to go back to get the eggs.

2. Billy Comfort.

Once my mother asked me to buy Comfort (a chemical used to wash clothes). I bought it and marched back to home. I saw a man following me and I ran. He also started running and chasing me. I was about to shout. He said he came chasing me to give the Comfort. I saw inside the cover and nothing was there except the bill. I was ashamed and I thanked the guy and marched home. I told everything to my mother and she laughed.

3. Hit by 3

Once we were playing cricket on the road in front to my Grandma's house. When it was my turn to bat, Aadith, my younger cousin started bowling. Pramoth, my elder cousin, was keeping the wickets. 

On the roadside, a man was eating. I tried to drive the ball.and hit the man's leg directly from the place where I stood. The man started shouting and picked a big wooden stick to beat us.

Luckily, the wall was short and we three climbed over it and escaped from the place.

4. Lost in VGP

Once we went to VGP and when we were coming back, I raced my parents to the car.  When I reached near the car parking, I noticed that my parents weren't there behind me. 

I ran to our car and identified it. I waited for others to come. I saw my father coming towards the car. He asked me to sit inside the car. I saw others coming. They said that they went inside a shop to buy sweet corn, which I asked before going inside.

5. Bateroplane

Once, during my quarterly holidays, we went to Dindigul. There I played cricket in the terrace with Abhishek (my elder cousin).

When it was my turn to bat, I swung the bat. Suddenly there was silence all over. I too noticed that the bat weight has reduced in my hands. 

But how? To found out, I saw my hand and saw that it was holding a ball! Everyone laughed. I went over and checked that the bat was lying in the next house. I actually has swung the bat and it flew into the nearby house and I caught the ball!

The next house was my another Grandpa's house (my maternal grandpa's younger brother) and I went there next day and picked up the bat.

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