A Christmas Tale - Sibi , Vanathy and Santa Claus

 Today is Christmas day. Last Christmas, Vanathy received gifts from Santa and was so happy about it. This year, they went to Madurai for a function and so missed out on the Christmas at home. 

 But then she has been waiting for the gift from Santa all year long and so asked me whether Santa will deliver the gifts even if she is not here. I told her it is not possible as Santa will check whether the kids are there and if they are not, he wont. 

 She was not happy with the answer and asked me what the postman did if no body's home. I told her he will leave it with the neighbor or will come the next day. So, she said, Santa must be doing the same. He cannot expect everyone to be at home when he comes around. It was me who was looking for an answer...

 So they went to Madurai. Today, Vanathy texted me a message from her mother's mobile. Following is the text:

"You have to take my Christmas gift into the house and take it carefully my gift and you do not open my gift. I have to open my gift."

She immediately called me back (like she always does) to see whether I've read the message. And gave me a lecture on why I should not be opening her gift and if I follow her instructions, she will give me two kisses.

 Likewise, this year's gift for Vanathy from Santa is waiting for her at home till she comes back on Friday and opens it..

 Of course, Sibi is at a stage where he has become skeptical about the whole Santa business and even last year, he was searching for bills or the cover or the handwriting on the gifts to prove that I am the Santa who is delivering the goods.  I have to basically tell him that Santa will cut him off if does not stop the blasphemy.

 He is not here to do the sleuthing this year and hence, all evidences of Santa's visit were done with already. 

 And this year, Santa brought a little something for J as well. 

 After much search, I found that Santa left the gifts on our terrace and here is a shot of them. Apparently, Santa picked up the gifts from the "Santa Toy land" in the local Hamleys.

 Will be opened on Friday after the kids are home.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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Suresh K Muthuramalingam said...

You are an perfect dad and a role model for all of us.

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