Vanathy and A Sonnet

Finally I bought a new bookshelf for the house. And after it was delivered and fitted, we decided to put the books arranged in the shelf. The kids were helping me out in bring the books from the cup board where they were languishing all these days and help in arranging the books in the shelf.

While getting the books arranged, Vanathy got attracted to a book. It was 'Sonnets from the Portuguese and other love poems' by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. She saw the word 'poem' and took the book out for reading herself. 

She has been reading and when I asked she answered that she could understand what is being read. So here is the rendition of sonnet XI from the book by Vanathy. For those of you who need help, the lyrics are below.
"And therefore if to love can be desert,
I am not all unworthy. Cheeks as pale
As these you see, and trembling knees that fail
To bear the burden of a heavy heart,---
This weary minstrel-life that once was girt
To climb Aornus, and can scarce avail
To pipe now 'gainst the valley nightingale
A melancholy music,---why advert
To these things? O Belovèd, it is plain
I am not of thy worth nor for thy place!
And yet, because I love thee, I obtain
From that same love this vindicating grace,
To live on still in love, and yet in vain,---
To bless thee, yet renounce thee to thy face."

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