Vanathy's Travelogue - Malaysia & Singapore By Vanathy Abhinav


We went to the train station and waited for our train to arrive. Then our train came at 10.30PM

Kuala Lumpur

From the Trichy junction, we went to the airport to catch our plane to Kuala Limpur. It arrived at 4.30PM

In Kuala Lumpur

We went by bus to 'My Hotel'. We went to the nearby mall, ate there and went to sleep.

The next day we went to the twin towers, first we went to
the sky bridge, then we went to 86th floor


We went to the Kuala Lumpur airport, caught our plane to Penang and went to Penang.

In Penang

We went to 'Sheraton' by taxi. We went to the nearby beach. There, I wrote my name with sea shells. Then I wet my legs in the sea water. Then I took the wet sand, made balls by that and threw it on my dad! I laughed and laughed until my dad got annoyed. Then we went to room and ate at the roadside food shops.

The next day we went to Monkey beach by a boat, there were no monkeys except us.

Penang Hill

To Penang hill we went by taxi and to its peak by train. We saw the playground, then to the monkey cups (carnivorous plants) garden. We came back to the hotel, we ate and went to sleep.


We went to the Penang airport and went to Singapore. We went to 'Tai Hoe' by taxi. At night, we went to night safari. There they made us sit in a tram and took us around. Our tram was tiger.


In Aquarium, we saw Stingray, blue tang, clown fish, sharks and many other types of fish.

Next we went to Gardens by the bay. Then we went to Singapore flyer. We saw the view of Singapore from the top.

Parent's Anniversary
Universal Studios 

We went to the Universal studios by Metro, then by walking.
First we took a photo with Marilyn Monroe. Then, we went to Madagascar, A crate adventure and merry-go-around. I sat on Marty, bro sat on penguins and dad sat on monkeys. Then we went in Junior roller coaster. As it was the first time I went in a roller coaster, I sat like a statue of liberty when it tilted on my side. Then we went to 'Far Far away - A 4D movie'.  Then we went to a Donkey show and it was funny!
Then we went to the Rapids raft adventure (Jurassic park) and it was scary!
Then we went to Dino-Soarin, the dino we can fly by ourselves.I took a blue Dino and it was joyful to sit on a dino. Then we went to Transformers. It was superb! I wanted to go on it again! but the queue was so long we left it alone.
Then we went to 'Lights, camera, action!'. There they showed us how they make a storm in a movie. It was like I was imagining but it was real. 

Then went to Sesame Street, A space chase! It was very, very, very, very,very superb! First we went by family and then another time I and bro only went. 

Then we said 'Bye Bye to Universal studios and went to our room.


It was my birthday! I was so happy that day! That day we went to river safari. There first we took a photo with anaconda (toy). Next we went to 'The Amazon river quest' and it was nice. We went in it 2 times. 

Next we went and saw a panda. Oh! it was cute!. Next we saw how a panda grows. It was wonderful! My birthday went on perfectly and my treat was at
And here is the food I ate all that day.

 Pizza hut
A meal
Hash brown
Cream of Chicken soup

A chicken from Chicken McMuffin
Signature chicken pizza - 1 slice

Emerald mocktail
Low fat milk
I was a potato girl that day!

In the evening, a driver drove us to Johor Bahru.


The next day the same driver drove us to 
Let us see what we have done there 1 by 1 in the coming page...

1. The day started with a roller coaster. It was scary but fun. In a book I read 'what is scary is fun and if it is not scary it is not fun'
2. We went on a water ride by which we can shoot bombs from outside. Mom was a non-rider , so she shot water on bro, dad and me.
3. We went and registered for robotics. I took doctor and bro took treasure hunter.

4. Next we went on a small roller coaster and it was super.

5. Then I and bro went on a pony ride. It went 'Giddy, gid giddy gid' as it I was going on a up-down slide.
6. Next I and bro went on a ride called grappling rope which is also called 'Kids power tower' in which we have to pull a rope to go up and loose it to go down.
7. Next we went to a 4-D movie called 'Lego Chima'. In this movie for snow, they sprinkled soapy water. It was like I was drowned in a pool of soapy water.

8. Then we went to Pizza mania (Pizza shop) and ate there.

9. Next we wen to a round looking thing called Observation tower which came up slowly and spinning and had an AC (air conditioning)

10. Then we went to a place where we can build cars and race. Lets see how many times I won and lost in the next page.

  I won 2 times and lost 1 game.

11. Next we went to a game called shaking. We should build a Lego tower and press to start it to shake. Bro lost and I won.

12. I am not sure about where we went next, but I can say it was superb, it was called 'Beetle bounce'. It went up and came down jumping.

13. It was 3.00PM. We went to the robotics academy and asked it the classes started. They said we were half an hour early. So we went and built something in the waiting room. 

Then the classes started. There were 4 tasks. They were
1. Give anesthesia - We have to control the robot using a computer. There was a antenna like thing. When we shoot to it will show a white flag.

2. Pick bad cells. - There were 6 balls. 3 blue and 3 red. The blue were bad cells and red were good cells. We have to pick the blue and put it in a cylinder.

3. Pick bad vein. - There were 4 straws. 2 were blue and 2 were red. We have to cut the blue straws (bad veins) and replace them with a red straw (good vein)

4. Give Vitamins. - We have to put 2 balls in the antenna like thing.
14. Then we went to a ride called 'Lego rescue academy'  in which we have to pump a hand crank to shoot the fire out.

15. Next we went on a airplane ride.

16. Then we went to Junior Riding school. In this we have to drive following traffic rules. This was the first experience for me driving a car following traffic rules.

17. Then went to boating school.

18. We went on a train that showed all around the theme park, then it was time to go to the hotel.

Batu Caves

The next day we went to Batu caves by metro. We saw a big Murugan in gold covering and Hanuman showing his chest open with Rama and Sita inside. We climbed 300 stairs and came down.

We caught our Air Asia plane to Trichy airport. We went to the trichy junction. We waited for the Thirukkural express in the waiting lounge. 


It was the most fantastic trip ever!

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