Rain updates and Sibi's World

Things got bad this last week with the record rain on Friday night. Adyar and Cooum are in full spate and with the opening of the lakes and dams upriver, water is flowing to the brim in all the rivers. I saw the Saidapet kuppam people put up in Gandhi Mandabam opposite Anna university. Its very difficult to imagine life in such surroundings. It will be sometime before normal life returns here. Mercifully, no inundation in where I live and it was terrific to see people leave home in boats without knowing when they will return. With competetion between the irresponsible media networks intend on spreading rumors and their version of truth, it is disgusting to watch TV news at all. Truth is very different when seen through the Socially Unresponsible Network(SUN) and Jaya. It depends. Thats all.

Then watched a movie called 'ABCD' yesterday. Two things to recommend the movie. One, no college background. And no silly villains and mindless violence with the hero killing at will. So it was a bit different from the normal fare that passes for cinema these days. A wafer thin love story revolving around one guy and three girls, with a subtle social message running through, it was interesting to watch all the mushy romance on the screen. Waiting to watch 'Thavamai Thavamirunthu' and 'Kanda naal muthal'.

There is a series in NY times on India's golden quadrilateral project. Interesting read.

Sibi has this habit of talking to himself when he is playing alone or with the Dipsy plush he has. So I listened a little yesterday. He was diagnosing Dipsy for fever and was complaining that Dipsy bite his fingers while he was giving medicine. Then suddenly he talked about our former neighbours 2 year old daughter who has moved to a different house. Again back to Dipsy. His world revolved around simple things and pleasures and it is with a tinge of nostalgia that I watch him. Haven't we all yearn for that lost world of innocence when things were all fine and dandy and we were all happy in the true sense?.

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