Finally 2005 is coming to an end. I say it with a kind of relief but on another level, it is interesting to know that as it is there is nothing that is going to change but only our perception that tomorrow somehow marks the end of another year and things will (may) be better from the next day somehow. Thats what my wife calls a cynical thought. But anyway, it gives a sense of measure to the life and going by that 2005 was not so good to me as 2004 but overall, I was happy about it. This year marked the end to the US life and settling down in Madras finally. It also marked the start of school for Sibi which is a big deal for me. And of course, the rapid progress Sibi is making in school is actually heartening. This year, more than the last, I think I am becoming more selfish and the tolerance has come down. Basically I am trying hard to losen some of the American traits and it ain't easy, anyway. Overall, happy to have come back and settled.

And it is something that I finalized the house on the last week of December(two days back!!). It is nice little house nearer to Sibi's school and has atleast most of what we were looking for (ofcourse, it is a flat and not a independent house). But to arrive at this point, I have to go through so much and waste many a weekends on looking at horrible to mediocre houses with exorbitant prices. The real estate in Chennai is essentially sellers market and there is no respite for small buyers who want to invest 10L or less. There are nothing available in that range and it is a horrible thing that space has become so much of a premium here. And the suburbs are just filthy and there is no point in finding a place there. Chennai needs a lot of infrastructure development to make the living in the suburbs at least tolerable. Anyway, enough bitching about it and am happy to have found a place.

And a happy new year to all of you who read this blog continuously. Especially Arun, hope you get married at least in 2006. And the friends in Hacienda Heights and all others, Happy new year to you all.

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