It’s been two weeks since I've updated this. Anyway, the happy news is that we are proud parents of our second baby, Vanathy on 8/25/06. One thing that makes this different from Sibi's birth is that we knew this time to be a c-section and thus avoided lot of the emotional roller-coaster that happened when Sibi was born. Thus it was a much easier affair this time around (although Jeysri went through a lot of pain in the post-partum period). Only difference was the presence of mosquitoes the night before and the fact that the doctors in India do not allow the husband (or for that matter, anyone) into the operating room. So, it was like a cinematic climax when our doctor, arrived around 5AM on that Friday and announced that 'It’s a girl child!' (She was born at 4.42AM). Dramatic is too small a word!

More than that Sibi's reaction was more fantastic. He was sleeping in the room and somehow got up around 5AM and pulled my father to bring him to the outside of the operation theater. He was literally stunned by the baby and wanted to hold her immediately. That day onwards, he has become very protective of her and always hang around her, even when she is sleeping and goes into ecstasy telling us how she always looks at him and how she likes him more than any other person, including me and Jeysri. Just amazing!. In the past 2 weeks, he has grown much attached to her and it’s difficult to even sense a little amount of jealousy or anything in what he does. All of us are actually very happy to see him getting attached to her so much and I think he will be a doting brother when she grows up.

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Kannan said...

Great..Best wishes to new baby, mother and its father..

Hope both are doing well...

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