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I consider myself as a liberal in terms of the views I have on issues. But I dont let it cloud my judgement to interpret things as it happens and the opinions I have. One such issue is Tibet. The past week of demonstrations in Lhasa is interesting and probably the reason is to grab world's attention to the Tibet issue when China is all busy with the olympic preparations. No doubt about it.

But I believe the issue needs a sympathetic hearing atleast. The coverage of the protests in 'The Hindu' over the last week, to say the least, is just disgusting. Probably Hindu just chose to reproduce the Xinhua wires and decided not to report on it. The worst happened on March 18, when Hindu published Wen's statement calling Dalai Lama as instigating the protests and calling him a violent person and the Lama's protest was buried in the clutter of Page 18.

Now I have no doubt that Hindu is almost the mouth piece of the CPI-M in India and views the governments of China, Cuba and Venezuala as revolutionary. But to act as a propaganda tool for the Chinese is the proverbial last straw. I never had any illusions on the credibility of Hindu in terms of objective reporting when it comes to Left and the Communist governments. But this probably beat everything. The anger I felt on that morning seeing Wen's statement was real and I wanted to puke on the paper. I think my days with The Hindu are numbered now and am seriously looking for an alternative to drink my coffee with.

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Sreeganesh said...

Just happened to browse thru your pages when I was searching for book written by Sujatha. I somw how felt like striking a chord and went into more pages like the Hindu and I kind of have been feeling the same thing recently... So I just stopped by to say hi.. :)

Sreeganesh (nsreeganesh@yahoo.com)

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