Vacation - Lost and found

Day 0
After 4 years, we decided to go on a small vacation this summer and decided that we will be off to Delhi where my brother resides and with that as base, will try to cover as much as possible. The kids wanted to fly and so tickets were booked and all set. Sibi's cousin Abhishek joined the party.

Day 1 - Apr 5 - New Delhi
SpiceJet took off ontime and we were in Delhi for breakfast. My brother picked us up and had breakfast in his house and the grand vacation began. Started off with a local trip to all the standard local places and took the necessary photos for the album. Qutb-Minar, Lotus Temple, India Gate, Rashtrapathi Bhavan, Parliament, Raj Ghat were covered by evening and lunch was had in the rather overcrowded Andhra Bhavan. After given a token and waiting for what seemed like hours (actually about 20 min), we were given the honor of getting seated and then served with a Andhra meals. I hate having people standing behind my back ready to pounce the minute you start pouring the curd into rice. But then, the food was good and felt it was worth the wait.

To end the day, we went to the rather garish looking Akshardham and there cannot be a louder proclamation made with the very theme park looking building the years. It was a building built not to raise the level of anyone's sprituality but to say it loud the virtues of the founder of this sect. Anyway, had a late dinner at home and off to sleep we went.

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