Cat in the bonnet

There is a cat in my car's bonnet. Strange as it may sound, it is true. Right now, there is a as-colored cat resting comfortably in the bonnet of the car doing God-knows-what.
When our apartment watchman called me yesternight to let me know that there are 'meow' sounds coming from my car(Hyundai Santro Automatic), my first thought was that guy must be crazy. I know that he is old but never thought he will go senile and start hearing 'meow's from the car. I misunderstood it as coming from inside the car and started thinking when I closed all the windows. When I got down to the parking lot, thats when I realized the sound was actually coming from the bonnet of the car. When I heard it, I thought may be I am just hearing voices and it may not be a cat after-all.
So we brought a hand-torch and opened the bonnet and started looking for the cat. The search was in vain and after 10-15 minutes, I convinced myself that may be the cat is calling from elsewhere and we are just assuming it to be from the bonnet. I told the same to the watchman and came back up.
So when we decided to go to the Vandalur zoo today, my first nagging thought was what about the cat? I mean, no one has seen that cat but there seems to be a 'meow' sound coming from my car and either there is a cat or my car is becoming a cat slowly. While the AI possibilities of a car getting a cat's charecteristics are scary enough, I was thinking more of whether the car will start demanding other stuff. Then I got down again this morning and opened the bonnet. To my relief, I found an ash-colored cat sitting on the battery thinking how to proceed next.
So it was a bit of a relief for me to realize that my car is not turning into a cat, after-all. But then, the cat on seeing me opening the bonnet, instead of jumping out and legging it, jumped right back into the bonnet to its secret hiding place and let out a couple of 'meow's to re-assure us that its back in business. So, self and the watchman went through the rituals again and even managed to thow a cup of water in its direction.
Having decided to take the cat to the zoo, I was kind of scared that it might get into the machinery and either die or damage and both will be equally bad. I was not sure when started the car and driving. One of my wife's nephew assured us that he had a cat in his car's bonnet for 3 days before the cat decided to vacate it for bigger premises. So it is upto the cat to decide on moving out and probably we cannot do much in that direction. It made sense after going through the successive failures to get the cat ejected from the bonnet. So I decided to make a go for the zoo with the cat in the bonnet and here I am writing about it after a good day spent in the zoo looking at other cats in the cages and wishing that the one in my bonnet walks away.

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