Complete NewYorker

I have so many thing to write and not sure where to start. So will start with the latest.
I recently got the 'Complete NewYorker' collection DVDs through their online stores. This is just a collection of all NewYorker issues from 1925 till 2005. One thing that comes to mind is the amazing technology that has made it possible. Secondly, the kind of treasure trove this is.

After initial hiccups in installation (I run a Vista PC), I managed to get it installed yesterday and browsed a little through the indices. The entire collection is littered with articles by the who-who of modern English literature. W.H.Auden, Capote, Sylvia Plath, Dorothy Parker, James Thurber and so on.
I used to be a NewYorker subscriber when I lived in the States. One of the things I missed after returning back to settle in Chennai is the dose of the NewYorker articles now and then and I had to satisfy myself with the pieces of articles publised in the NewYorker website. Not anymore. I have not about 4100 back issues and its going to take a life time to just browse through them. I am excited.

On the other hand, I was wondering why no such effort exists to digitize our own palmscripts and some of the modern magazines of Tamil (say Ezhuthu, Manikodi etc). That will be worth the effort.

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