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After 8 long years, last week I was in my old college for recruiting freshers. Its kind of a role reversal from where I came from. I was a campus recruit for my current employer and it felt good go back to the same college to recruit newer talent. There is nothing like it, I guess. The college (Government college of Engineering, Thirunelveli) looks old but is full of the youthful energy and the cherished memories that permeates the campuses. I went around and had a chat with a few of my lecturers and visited the classrooms and labs. Nothing much has changed and the college essentialy looks and feels the same way it felt 8 years back. Talked with few of the juniors and they are all enthusiastic and positive and care-free just the way we were. Its kind of odd that you start feeling older than you are once you start seeing the college we studied. It just emphasizes the point that we have moved on with our life to an extent where we can only turn back and sigh on the older days and cannot expect to re-live them. It just makes one feel old anyway.

Ofcourse, Thirunelveli was hot. Actually hotter than chennai. But the city itself hasn't changed much except for a few building that have cropped up here and there. It again goes to show that the growth in this country is not even and across the board. We are creating so much of wealth in the cities which is not getting distributed across the country for sustained even-development. While I am not advocating a socialist model, it would be definitely worthwhile to improve the infrastructure and facilities in cities like Madurai, Thirunelveli, Salem which can then be used to lure investors to set up shops here. This will generate employment and consequently wealth-generation. While this sounds simple enough, with the Indian bureacracy this task will become something of a cash-cow for funneling money into their pockets. At times, its even disgusting to think of these people and puts into question the entire moralness of this country.

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