Sibi - Three years Old...

Yesterday was Sibi's third birthday. Its amazing to see time flying so fast. It seems like only yesterday I was standing outside the opration room looking pathetic. And he is now three years old and going to start school. We didn't celebrate it but kept it a small family function. Sibi had a blue sherwani and was looking absolutely terrific. Will post some pics soon.
Then went to Santham for 'Chandramukhi' and it was good. Saw the trailer for Anniyan and it looked disturbingly similar to 'Indian'. Vikram looked stunning and this is one movie I want to watch anyway. The other movie which I am hoping to see soon is StarWars - III which by the way is going to the last Star Wars movie. Although the first two parts sucked bigtime, I hope this one is good enough to watch.
Dinner was in the food court in Spencers. In a place called 'The Noodle House'. It was interesting to notice the difference between the American Chinese food(looks spicy, tastes bland) and the Indian Chinese (looks spicy, tastes spicy with Indian flavors)food. I really want to know what the actual Chinese Chinese food will be like.

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