Star Wars

Finally, watched "Star Wars - ROTS" this weekend. I have mixed feelings about the movie. It was much better than the first 2 prequels and more interesting too. But as usual the acting/dialogues were horrible. Having read quite a bit about the Sith lords and their history, it was interesting to watch it unfold in the screen. The movie ends with the birth of Leia and Luke and it is a relief to see the franchise come to an end.

Since the wife and kid are off to Madurai, its getting boring everyday and the weekends are the worst. Watched 4-5 movies in the cable and that pretty much tells the story of the weekend. 'Moondru mudichu' was a fantastic movie with great acting by Rajni and Sridevi. Actually I was surprised to see how beautiful Sridevi is in the B/W screen. I never noticed it before. A beautiful story with a great bit of villainy by Rajni and how Sridevi solves the problems. The other movies I watched were so-so timepasses not even worth writing about.

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