Vacation, Sibi and other updates...

After a vacation that became some sort of sick leave, I am actually bored and feel horrible to sit in office and work. But one has to do what one has to. Having said that, vacation was not that bad after meeting so many of the relatives and a cool, calm trip to Kodai for a couple of days. In fact Kodai trip was much relaxing than expected and the only activity was to take Sibi to cycle. Infact, Sibi had loads of fun by just cycling around the lake. And ofcourse, went and saw Azhagar during the Chithirai festival and there is nothing like the crowd for the festival. And Meenakshi amman temple is now well-maintained and is having the same charm it held during my school days. One way, it was a way to get nostalgic and remember the old days of chithirai thiruvizha. I think I have seen Azhagar after an interval of about 12-13 years and so it is very special.

Then Sibi is now speaking a lot and is becoming very mischevious. Not that I am complaining, but just that it is amazing to see the changes in him in the past 2 months. Next week he is turning 3 and we are planning to keep it a low-key affair this time.

Anyways, I had a bunch of things to blog about but couldn't remember a single thing now. Strange. I come to office through the Taramani road. NIFT is situated in the same road and was surprised to see a man hanging in the entrance yesterday (today also). Then on closer look it is a man created out of news papers and he is hanging with his hands outstretched towards the sky like he is asking for something. And there was another newspaper man on the building terrace standing like a scarecrow. It was an interesting thing to see on the otherwise dreary ride to office.

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