Anniyan and Batman

This is the week that sees the releast of 'Anniyan' and 'Batman Begins'. I am trying to see whether I can see at least one of these two. Of course 'Anniyan' is booked for the week. Need to enquire about Batman. Surprisingly, it has good some very good reviews so far and so I want to see it. After seeing Clooney in the Bat suit and the pathetic excuse of a movie called 'Batman & Robin', I am really very skeptical about this one. But being a childhood fan of Batman, I had to watch it. Of course, I am waiting for the reviews on 'Anniyan' and looks like it will be another week before I can see it. Never mind.

Read this article about the riots in rural China. I wonder what the communists in this country had to say about it. Probably, they will denounce it as the conspiracy of capitalists to tarnish the 'glorious revolution'. I wonder why noone asks these questions to the stalwarts of the Party in this country.

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