Upper berth with viruthappa

Its been a boring week. Except for the one day when I went out to pick students from a different campus this time and had fun travelling to Coimbatore and then on to Sathyamangalam. But this is not about it. This is about the wonderful rail network run by Indian Railways. After starting to go for the campuses, I am travelling regularly by trains (in second/third class A/C). All the times the trains leave on time and reach the destination on time and the comfort is without parallels. Sleeping in a upper berth(somehow I like upper berths,reminding me of the superb short story written by Adhavan by the same name) with the vents blowing A/C , there is no tiredness whatsoever when you reach the destination. Comparing it with the dreary 7 hour red-eye flight, in economy class,from LA to EWR, I feel Indian Railways is the hands-down winner. Of course, reserving is much easier with the online reservation system and tracking the trains online, IR is into the internet world also. Hats-off!.

Was reading Gnanakoothan's 'Andru Veru Kilamai' yesternight. I bought this book in 1995 and it is amazing that the kavithai are still fresh and puts a smile on your face whenever you read it. Another such book is Vikramadityan's 'Thiruuttarakosamangai'.

I found that 'Thiruvasagam in Symphony' is going to be released on June 20. So, do not download/bit torrent/share it but buy it from your neighbourhood shop and enjoy.

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