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Sibi was not well these past few days and that had a direct impact on the frequency of blogs. It looks nothing but some common cold with some throwing up. Anyway, important thing is he is doing well now. Weekend was busy with shopping and other mundane activities with visits to a pediatrician. Surprising part is that, Sibi behaved wonderfully during the doctor visit, which was a total surprise to me. Last time I remmeber, he was crying and wouldn't even let the doctot touch him (but that was in Alpharetta, anyway). So is it because it is an Indian doctor or is it because he has just grown now?. Ofcourse, he is starting school on Wednesday and it is a great occasion for us. He is going to start L.K.G and I dont think he is that enthused about it. I really pray he start liking the school and make a few friends.

No tickets for Anniyan this week also. Only tickets left are for the 7.30AM show. For a Vikram starrer, I have no inclination to lose my precious early morning sleep. So next week it is. Anyway, I am not that worked up to see the movie anyway.

And I can write a huge volume about finding some affordable housing in this crazy city where the real market prices resemble the black market prices for food in the starved Africa. Its very high, insane and driven up by completely idiotic logic. I am sticking to my budget and hell will freeze over before I change it. What a rip off!. I am just wondering how a person with a 15000Rs salary (which is the median income p.m for most of the Govt. employees and others employed in non-IT jobs) can afford a house/flat in this city?. Had to write a post on my adventures on this end also.

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