Whiz Kids and Tamil blogs...

All my life I have read about the whiz kids. 4 year old Kids who can remember 1330 Thirukurals, 3 year olds who can name 130 countries and their flags along with the national bird, animal, flower and other crap or 5 year olds who swim across the Palk strait or climb up the KanchenJunga, 6 year olds who recite the entire Thevaram along with other Thirumarais. Where are these kids now?. While I was busy playing roadside cricket (OK, watching), reading Ponniyin Selvan and cycling around Teppakulam, these kids were doing all these things. Now, I am wondering what happened to these kids?. The assumption was that if these kids are so good at an early stage they must've become high achievers in their later life also. Now its 10-15 years since that and definitely all these kids must've grown up by now. Whatever happened to them?. Of course, I am reading about the current crop of whiz kids in Hindu and elsewhere. Strange.

There is a site, Tamizhmanam ,which publishes all the blogs that are published in Tamil. There is a surprising number of blogs there and the number of people who publish in Tamil is astounding. Infact I found Manushyaputran's blog there. It was quite a surprise. I don't know who else is lurking there (Sujatha?).

Should I publish in Tamil?. Not for now anyway. Not that I am anti-tamil or anything. But if I start writing in tamil, I will end up using a lot of english words. So until I feel that I can do justice to the entries I am not attempting it.

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anniyan said...

hi man!!

i have an interesting tool for you, ya i know posting in tamil is difficult, i had the same problem when i started but it was till when i found this tool http://quillpad.in/tamil
it will help in publishing articles soon without any much trouble. just that you need to know to speak tamil , which i guess hsld not be a difficulty

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