Day 6 - Apr 10 - Delhi

After travelling for 4 continuous days with the kids, we thought of taking it easy a bit and roam around Delhi for the day. Left Vanathy with mom and dad and hopped on a car with J, Sibi, Abhishek and Prasanna and headed towards the city.

We drove straight to the
National Rail Museum. When I was searching for the things to do in Delhi, this one popped up and immediately landed in the must-see list for Sibi. He still hasn't gotten over his affair with trains and so we decided to show him a lot of trains in the museum.

On entering we realized that how famous this museum is with the kids a lot of school trips going on in the place. There on the display are the different engines and coaches from different time periods of the country's rail network. There is a little joy ride you can take which takes you through the different exhibits and a museum which houses lot of miniatures and artifacts. But sadly most of the exhibits are near neglect stage and will not survive another generation unless somebody takes charge and put things in order.

From the museum we drove to Teenmurti Bhavan, which houses the Nehru memorial museum. The grounds and the house are huge with a lot of care taken to keep everything preserved well. It was a great experience to walk through the house which once was lively with the most aristocratic family of India. Most impressive was the huge library that is housed in the museum and I think Sibi was eagerly listening to J explaining the significance of each of the exhibits and the hundreds of photos.

Next was to Indira Gandhi's house and pretty much the same routine happened. It was actually impressive that one family has produced so many people who have worked, served and died in the service of this country. Most tragic of all was the exhibit surrounding Rajiv and it was a life cut short so young, had he been alive, the kind of vision that would've driven this country may have been completly fresh. But its one of those 'what if?' scenarios which may not come true, after all.

We drove from here to Connaught Circle and had lunch in the McDonalds there. Of course, the visit was primarily for Sibii and whats a visit to Delhi without taking a ride in the Metro. So got into the Metro from Rajiv Chowk and travelled the length of the line and returned back. I should say it was most impressive that the entire network is kept so clean and ofcourse, disciplined.

We drove back to Gurgaon by 4PM and took a much needed break before the next leg of our travel started.

We started again at around 7PM for the Old Delhi railway station and on the way had a look at the Red fort and after swimming through the traffic, reached the station by 9PM to realize that the train we are supposed to take was late. So bought some dinner and waited for the train to come. Train did came at about 9.50PM and we boarded the Howrah-Kalka Mail for going to Kalka and from there onwards to Shimla.

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