A (short) guide to visiting Kodikkarai / Point Calimere wildlife sanctuary

When I was planning the visit to the Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary, I was trying to get resources to help out on the logistics and stay in that area. I was able to talk to different people with little or no help at all. So I thought of putting together this little guide to help those who want to visit this enchanting place.

Point Calimere / Kodikkarai is at the tip of the land and is part of the Nagapattinam district. This is not a very remote place with the Kodikkarai village being fairly big and the nearby town of Vedaranyam has adequate facilities.

To visit the Kodikkarai sanctuary, a four wheeler is a must. The entrance point to the sanctuary is about a kilometer and half from the village and here, there is a check point. No two wheelers (including cycles) are allowed inside. Reason cited is that our romeos start chasing the deers once inside in the bikes and so no permission. As always, no plastics or alcohol is permitted.

You can hire a taxi at Vedaranyanm (about 7-8 KM on the north). This is the nearest town from Kodikkarai. I hired a Taxi for 600Rs from here for getting in and out and drop back to the Vedaranyam town. For drop up to the gate, he was asking 300Rs. You can negotiate, as I think I paid a 100 more than what should've been the hire.

If you are going in your own car, note that the roads inside are not laid roads but just tracks in the midst of the swampy land with stones strewn across. If your car is not a SUV, not recommended at all for these roads. Off-roading is not advised as the sand is very thin and can get the vehicle stranded in the midst (not to mention the additional trouble with the Forest department).

There are multiple forest guest houses available in Kodikkarai for stay. Problem is that the telephone, though working, never gets picked up. Although I was able to talk to the forest office in Nagappattinam, never once could I be able to talk to some one in Kodikkarai office. So, have a backup plan if you plan on reaching there and seeking accommodation. There is a private traveller's bungalow available as well but not sure how good/bad it will be.

Otherwise, the nearest alternative accommodation options are at Vedaranyam. My recommendation is Hotel Selvies in Thiruvarur or some place in Vailankanni.  There are no good eating places in Kodikkarai and found the Ganesh mess near Vedaranyam bus stand to be good.

Kodikkarai forest office - (04365) 253092 (never gets picked up)
Nagapattinam forest office - (04365) 253092


nathikkarai said...

You can directly contact the forest official at Nagappattinam or kodiakkarai.

nathikkarai said...

You can directly contact the forest official at Nagappattinam or kodiakkarai.

debsankar banerjee said...

Need help. Can you please tell me how to go to Kodikkarai Wildlife Sanctuary from Thanjavur by public transport,.. bus or rail... Please comment if you know, I don't mind if I have to do break journey.. Thanks in advance.

Muthu Prakash Ravindran said...

From Thanjavur, take a bus to Vedaranyam. From there, take a taxi to visit Kodikkarai. That is the easiest option.

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