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I am reading through a bunch of software essays collected and published by Joel Spolsky as a book. All these are available in web and are very creative and interesting. This page has a collection of links to all the essays and all of them are a must-read. If you want to read it as a book, buy it from Amazon. My favorite is the one about the search cow in Google. Definite to bring a smile to the face.

Seriously I was wondering why Microsoft takes so much of flak for everything. But then today, I was reading through a document in MS Word 2003 and the following pops-up into my face.
Mind you, I was only reading a design document and was not typing anything. Why in the world should I be interested in installing French Auto corrections in my PC while reading through a plain English document?. Annoying at the least and will make me rant for another 200 words at the most. Now I know.

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