1. I was reading three books, as always, and that took the focus out of blogging.
I was reading 'A history of south India' by K.A.Nilakanta Sastri, 'Ponniyin Selvan' by Kalki and 'The DaVinci Code' by Dan Brown. Have finished the DaVinci code and 1 part of PS. I find it always easy to read books parallely than sequentially, since it enables me to compare the books and discard one if I dont find it as interesting as the others. Of course, 'history of India' has made me re-read Ponniyin Selvan after a long interval and it is as fresh as the first time I have read it back in 1987. Davinci Code was more of a curiosity to know all the controversies surrounding it and it was OK. I can totally see Tom Hanks seriously explaining everything about the pentacle to a pretty Audrey Tautou.

2. My father was not well.
Well, he had some tissue overgrowth coupled with a enlargement of the prostate coupled with a kidney stone. And so has to be operated and was in Hospital for about a week followed by a month of bed rest. Generally this is not a good month for me as I am spending more time in hospitals than in office.

Other than these, the regular project pressures and if you are not convinced of all these excuses, I admit that I am just too lazy to write. Any way, am having a few things in mind to write about and 'Ponniyin Selvan' is one of them. Soon.

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